Campground of the Future

Campground of the Future, KOA
If you're looking for a taste of the future of camping, look no further than Kampgrounds of America's Campground of the Future!


Kampgrounds of America (KOA) needed a way to show the public what camping twenty years in the future might look like, so they came to us with the idea of creating a 360-degree virtual reality experience. We knew that we could create a proof of concept quickly, so we got to work on a prototype.


UX Design • Development

The website we developed in just a few weeks allowed Kampgrounds of America to show off its vision for camping in the year 2040 in a way that was both realistic and exciting. This modern, edgy site was designed as a showcase, and it does not disappoint. From 360-degree virtual reality to modern design and development, this site has it all!

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